Dorothyanne Brown


I’m joining the disability march because I am worried that the Trump administration provides several threats to people with disabilities. He is willing to mock us, he is anti-science, and he is likely to slow important health research with his cabinet’s conservative stance.
Trump’s profit over all approach also means drug companies will likely be allowed to increase prices dramatically, forcing those of us with expensive diseases to go without treatment.
His choice of sexist and anti- supportive cabinet ministers also leads me to fears that young people with disabilities will be denied access to education and work, and older people will have to suffer through inadequate housing , health care, and support.
I fear greatly the prejudice against women and people of colour , as well as GLTBQ+ people. Already hate crimes are on the rise. An ugly hateful world lies ahead. We must remain on intense watch and this march lets Trump and others know we will.

I’m a former nurse, retired because of multiple sclerosis disability. I grew up just north of Boston, Mass, and now live in Canada, a place within reach of infection from this hateful rhetoric. I have run as a candidate for government, and I have been an activist for the poor and disenfranchised, especially women, all my life.

Here’s a photo of me wearing a cap to read my brain waves as part of a study on multiple sclerosis and depression. I’m wearing a blue shirt and sitting in a chair.

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