Erin Gilbert


I am a woman who is disabled from battling Multiple Sclerosis for the
past 15 years.

I am a sexual assault survivor and sexual harassment survivor. An
attack upon an organization such as Planned Parenthood, is an attack
on my body, and every woman’s body. An organization that does annual
exams, pap smears, HPV vaccinations, STD testing, birth control
education and access for ALL, is being targeted. Women, WE are being
targeted! I will not let my government strip me of my healthcare, my
rights or my freedoms, for their pleasure or satisfaction.

“We Are All Related” We are All Equal. Love, Marriage, Religion,
Gender, Identification, Disability, etc., do not need to separate us,
they are not issues of Equality but of external acceptance.

I believe In God, I believe in Science- the two are not mutually
exclusive but are often taught or thought to be so. God will not save
us from ourselves or our destruction of the environment, for example,
that’s “Free Will”/Natural Freedom/Volitional Freedom. We can’t ignore
the science behind our destructive forces. We have to stop ignoring
facts because they are inconvenient or are restrictive to economic

Though I can’t always physically stand, I will figuratively stand up
and fight for the stripping of the rights of others, as proposed by
the current leadership. MY rights, MY healthcare, MY fears are not
isolated, so I will join and address these issues for all, as I would
address them for myself.

Sisters, We deserve better.

Woman mid-30’s, Red Curly Hair, Head Shot, Black jacket, Smiling, Leaning her head on her arm on window sill.

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