G. A. Underwood

Woman with medium chin lenght browin hair with a large carmel and white coloured dog.

I’m joining the Disability March because physical and financial constraints block my participation. I’m a disabled Vietnam era veteran, mom of three, cancer survivor recovering from an old broken back injury and recent hip replacement. Due to my macular degeneration, without the invaluable eye shot regiment provided by the V.A., I would’ve been blind in at least one of my eyes by last year. These injections cost over $2,000 every six weeks at civilian clinics, which would be a financial impossibility. I worry for the non-V.A. seniors who can’t pay this steep a price to preserve their vision. My husband is also a disabled veteran, a cancer survivor with COPD and diabetes. Ours is not an extravagant life. This is our third winter without heat due to a heating system that’s too old and decrepit to be repaired. If our Social Security or V.A. medical benefits are reduced, I don’t know how we could get by. It’s really that simple. We’re not asking for more. But we do need to keep what we now receive.

I wish I could personally thank each and every participant in this march. I am so very proud of these amazing folks, protesting not only for their own interests, not only for one another, but representing the hearts and minds of millions of us. Our spirit will be with yours as you give voice to hearts. Please have a good trip, stay safe and watch out for one another as best you can. And thank you so very, very much for what you are doing! And thanks to Sonya Huber, too, for creating this Disability March.

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