Hally DeCarion

I am joining the march because I wish to stand in solidarity with all the women who are outraged at the way Donald has referred to women during the campaign.   I did not like his sexist slams at Hillary either. I do not wish for him to be a role model for our country and for my daughters and grand daughters. Women deserve respect and equality. How better than to gather at the capitol and show the world that we expect better of our leaders. That goes for his disparaging comments towards minorities, immigrants and the disabled. We have come to far as a nation to backslide on these important values. Today is the day to take a stand!!!  Si se puede!!!
Bio: I’m a retired senior citizen. I have raised two daughters of whom I’m very proud.   I have two grand daughters.  I have done many types of work throughout my life. One job was
 being a companion to seniors and people with disabilities. As someone who has 3 different auto-immune illnesses, I know the importance of recognizing people with disabilities and having access to affordable healthcare. CFS, one thing which I have,  is a ‘hidden’ and neglected illness.  So many people are being overlooked.  We need a government which does not ignore nor denigrate us. I am there in spirit with the marchers. It will be an awesome day!!

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