Cindy Jackson

I’ve been fighting people like Trump my entire life of 58 yrs, and I will continued to fight.

Sarah Fox

I had hoped to make it a march in person and hope to tolerate the crowds, I woke to cramps. Therefore, it feels more like a day of rest than protest.

Helene Levey Zemel

As a Jewish American, I stand with other minorities and immigrants. We must always remember what happened in Nazi Germany and make sure that it never happens in this country where a group is singled out for their religion or race.

James S.

I want to add my voice to these efforts wherever I can – it’s unconscionable to me to not stand in solidarity with people who are targets of those in power, from my friends, to others in my community, to complete strangers. Nothing hard was ever accomplished by people being polite, invisible, and silent.


I am joining the online march as a positive move for women to show their strength and give each other support in these troubling times.

Wendi Quest

I’m marching to remind everybody that the Earth is our mother, we must take care of her, and to join in lovingly fighting for equal rights, liberty and justice for ALL.


I’m a 7 year breast cancer survivor at 40, i have both Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, and bi polar disorder. I’d be lost with help, medication, and sympathy. I hope i can continue to hope for a cure

Aimee LeBlanc

I virtually march for my daughters, for humanity, and for the collective energy that radical love brings. I march in deep gratitude for the marginalized among us who are doing the most work to shine lights and hold mirrors. May we all find the strength, the peace, and the compassion to get through this ❤