I march because I can’t in person. Anxiety and chronic back pain prevent me from physically joining my best friend and all of you at the march. I march online in hopes that one day I can march with you in person. I march for my sisters and my niece, so they can grow up and live in a world that treats them as people. I march for healthcare, because I can’t afford the procedure I need to make my back better. I march because I have a voice and I will make it heard because Trump’s America is not normal and I refuse to treat it as such. I march for all of you, for all my fellow humans, because we all deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives. I march because it is the right thing to do, the compassionate thing, the only thing.

Young woman with black hair in gray beanie and Halloween sweater smiling on a carousel (best friend photobombing in background).

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  1. Mary Inzero-Efird says:

    I’m proud to be a women that has a choice 👆


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