Diversity should be celebrated, not threatened. I march for the disabled, for women, for people of color, for immigrants, for the LGBTQ community, for students, and for all my fellow Americans. I will fight against hate. I won’t be a bystander to intolerance; our new POTUS should change his message to one of inclusivity instead of one of demagoguery. We are all Americans and it is unacceptable that our rights and safety are under attack. For example, the cabinet picks are unqualified for their jobs, including putting a climate change denier at the head of the EPA (which is an organization that does a lot not just to protect the environment but also to protect human health i.e. clean water and clean air). As such, our health is very much at risk under the new administration. So is public education, and our civil rights. I march for all of us, because these things will affect everyone negatively.

I am a scientist, a pianist, and a graduate student who happens to have severe lung issues, among other less visible ailments. I won’t let my disabilities hold me back from my goals though. I am studying toxicology and environmental sciences and engineering and I am determined to help protect people’s health.

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