Bradley J.

I find it very harrowing watching the news day after day since the election of Trump. I rely on Obamacare, have for years, because I am not afforded the ability to work a job that provides insurance. And when I do get a job, I am slated to make 55 cents on the white man’s dollar based of my gender and the color of my skin. I feel for my fellow Latinx and wish for DACA and the DREAMers program to continue. I care about #BlackLivesMatter, because the treatment of the Black community is wrong. I believe the treatment of the Latinx community is wrong. I believe the treatment of the Muslim community is wrong. And I believe programs like Planned Parenthood and Medicaid do a lot for so many people and they need to be protected. I do not feel this administration has my own, or most peoples, interests at heart and that is what truly scares me.

Bradley has multiple chronic illnesses that she has been trying to get under control for many years. In the meantime, she is a writer, television enthusiast, make-up addict, and cat wrangler.

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