Jude and Maria

A male on the left wearing a green patterned jacket and a woman on the right with purple tipped short hair. They are taking a selfie in a living room. 

Jude: As a queer transmale person of color caring for my disabled older sibling while studying art education, I cannot even begin to express the horror and fear of the future I feel by the examples and beliefs supported by Trump and his appointed cabinet. I want to show my support in this march for other women, poc, lgbt, and disabled people being affected since I will be spending it at home, caring for my sibling during this really difficult time.

Maria: I chose to join this march because I’m scared being a queer woman living with multiple disorders. But I saw my friends are scared as well as many others.  Fear is a very powerful force that makes many people feel like they’re alone, and I feel the only way to combat it is through camaraderie. I want to let them know they’re not alone in this and to believe in compassion for other people.
We are queer sibling artists (Jude is a Comic Artist and Maria is an Illustrator) from Brooklyn, NY.

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