Kathy Ann

Close-up photo of a smiling face of a woman with light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a white collared shirt with large purple flowers.

I am a person with multiple non-visible disabilities that normally wouldn’t affect my ability to participate in the Walk. However, I’m currently recovering from foot surgery and am on leave from work. As a lifelong Democrat, I oppose all that Trump stands for. I fear for the future of the world now that he now carries the nuclear codes. He uses simple words and repetition to win over the masses. He is a demagogue who fans hatred. Given that his approval rating on the eve of his inauguration was 32 percent (MSNBC), less than one-third of the country now supports him! People have started to discover who he really is.

My past work has including advocating and fundraising for programs for the elderly and people with disabilities and other causes. My husband and I have multiple disabilities. We both currently work in education. I’ve used my skills in journalism, fundraising, marketing and grants in non-profit, private and public organizations.

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