Kiera in Madera

A statement about why you are joining the disability march (300 words or less)
As a woman with degenerative osteoarthritis and knee and ankle injuries, I cannot physically march. However, I know that we are all stronger together so I send my words where my legs cannot go.

Women must stand strong and advocate for the end of hate and discrimination. We must demand healthcare coverage for ourselves and our families, and last, but certainly not least, we must demand that people without vaginas keep their figurative hands and their laws off of our bodies. Women have given life to every last man on this planet. We hold human lives sacred. Why do you fear us so much that you seek to control us? Left to ourselves we will give you love, support your dreams, and work for the happiness of all. You’ve chosen to attack us. The attacks must end…and if you do not end them, we will. We are Woman. Hear and see us Roar.

Kiera is a fifty-plus year old classified staff member at California’s oldest Community College. She has lived in three states in three different time zones and has friends in and/or has personally traveled to most of the others. Growing up in the shadow of two military bases with a decorated WWII vet for a father and then later working as a civilian for the Navy at Pearl Harbor has given her great respect for those who have or still do serve our country.


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