Laura Sutta

I am joining the women’s march because I am very concerned that the new trump  administration does not respect our constitution, our bill of rights and the rule of law. The rule of law in our society is crucial and disregarding the law (e.g.  No one stopping
 a president with enormous conflicts of interest, having a president chosen by the Russians, etc.) along with the expectation that our leaders do not have to tell the truth is intolerable.
Trumps policies of hate and exclusion, misogyny and total disregard for the well-being of the people of United States, compels me to do everything I can to stop him.
I am appalled by his attempts to disenfranchise the free press, poor and minority people and those who disagree with him.
I haven’t even brought up his narcissistic personality and complete lack of compassion or empathy-which I think are crucial characteristics for any leader, let alone the leader of the free world.
I was born in Cleveland Ohio and have lived in Germany, Israel, and Oakland California. I worked for many years in executive positions in the public sector, where I developed programs to address cultural differences, foster respect for diversity and empower women. In 1992, I was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis and have been unable to work outside of my home ever  since.
Because I was barely able to move for so long as a result of my illness, I became an award-winning photographer of nature and the sacred. My website is
As a result of this past election, I’m currently developing programs for activist to encourage Resistance with Resilience.

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