I am a retired Special Education Teacher, with a son who is in the Autism Spectrum. I have been a single mom for almost 20 years, as well. I have seen first hand in my own personal life and throughout my teaching years Social and Educational injustice, lack of inclusion, the resistance to assess student growth as individuals. I have rejoiced when legislation to protect and preserve person’s with disabilities Civil Rights have been ratified. As a single female parent, my children and I were affected by “unequal” pay for female employees. I couldn’t provide as much for my family as my male colleagues.

In 2013 I became disabled. I have “intractable spinal spasticity.” I would not wish this crippling condition on anyone. I have retired and now, I too, have first hand experience. Now it’s me. The word that comes to mind is “indifference.” Hide us and we don’t exist.
Well, we do exist, and I am compelled to be included in this Virtual March. Thank you.

Woman with Cap and Scarf, black jacket, smiling in front of Barnegat Bay, NJ.

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