Gayle J. Greenlea

A woman is smiling at the camera, wearing a black shirt and a pendant necklace.

Why I’m marching:
I’m joining the march for friends and sisters who fear a Trump presidency; for all who’ve been wounded by verbal, physical or sexual assault; whose dignity and equality have been denied. I’m marching for those who have “invisible” illnesses; who are sick, disabled or differently-abled.  I march for artists and journalists whose freedom of expression is under threat.  Most of all, I’m marching for love, kindness, reason and light.  “We shall overcome. Yes we can”.

About Gayle:
Gayle J. Greenlea is an American poet and novelist currently residing in Australia. She served as Press Secretary for Garry Mauro in his Texas gubernatorial run against George W. Bush. She also wrote for Texas Senator David Van Os and Get Out the Vote, San Antonio. Greenlea is a recipient of Australian Poetry’s Prod Award and shortlisted in the Fish Poetry Prize, 2014. Last year she debuted her novel, Zero Gravity, at the KGB Literary Bar in Manhattan.

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