Liz Conejo Daniels

Liz and her black lab guide dog Watson. Liz sits looking up to the left and smiling. She has medium length dark hair with white streaks in the front and is wearing a tie-dye pattern red, orange, and pink top with blue pants and brown sandals. She has her arm around Watson, who sits by her side looking at the camera.

My name is Liz Conejo Daniels, and this is my incredible Black Labrador guide dog, Watson. I am a totally blind woman who is also fighting Lyme Disease.

Thank you for the opportunity of making it possible for those of us with disabilities to participate in this virtual march!

I don’t even want to stoop in using the president-elect’s name, so I’ll just say the Orange Piñata and his thugs aren’t going to do as they please; there’s plenty of us willing, ready and able to do what we can to keep our human and civil rights intact—yes, we disabled folks can and do bite!

As for me, I’m a middle-aged Lyme Warrior, four years into treatment and so thankful to still be here!

I strongly urge this government, mainstream medical community and the public to acknowledge the existence, and epidemic of Lyme Disease, because it’s devastating human lives 300K at a time!

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