Maria Zuccarello

A woman in a black blouse sits in the foreground of white walls and a hallway. Her hair is down and she is wearing glasses and a pendant necklace.

I am joining the march for many reasons. We need to protect women’s reproductive rights and maintain their control of their own body. They have the right to choose whether or not to terminate or carry out a pregnancy or to get pregnant at all. The incumbent administration wants to take away my rights as a woman to terminate a pregnancy as I see fit for myself and possibly my rights as a person with a disability to get pregnant at all.  I function quite well thanks to surgeries and therapies. All of which would not be possible without health insurance. I am walking to declare that health insurance is a RIGHT not a privilege and necessary to achieve the American Dream. As a teacher and former Special Education student I am joining the march to keep education for people with disabilities free and accessible to all so that all people may reach their full potential.

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