Melissa Deas


Photo description: A 65 yr old woman holding 3 mos old grandson with a smile. Melissa has glasses, is looking down at baby with a smile.  Split between front teeth, long hair pulled back away from face.

  As a retired independent midwife of 37 years, I have stood up for women’s rights my whole life.  I now run an organization teaching men who have caused harm to their female partners, how to have a safe and healthy relationship. This organization of called Domestic Violence To Responsible Choices and is in both Chittenden and Addison County in VT.
Because of the effects lyme disease has had on my body, I cannot not march with my 3 daughters, who I am so proud of.  This is my way of standing beside them even though I cannot do it on the physical realm.

  I am shocked that Donald Trump even got into the presidential running with so many aspects against the people.  His misogynistic and racists beliefs and communications about women should never be allowed in the White House. Trump is exactly the kind of man who should be in my Domestic Violence To Responsible Choices classes. What is he doing in the White House before he ever has had enough understanding or education to communicate inclusive, respectful and valuable ideas for our country?
I am here to stop abusive thinking and beliefs in and out of the home.

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