Mermaid Galene

I have struggled with chronic illness during most of my adult life. Until recently, I have nevertheless had an active career as a performer (musician, puppeteer, author, mermaid/faerie naturalist). Now I find myself seriously hampered with additional illnesses, one of them life-threatening on a recurring basis. I have performed only once in the past year, with some difficulty, and I have not been able to swim as a mermaid for over a year. I suffer from gastrointestinal, kidney, endocrine, and bone marrow disorders. Most are the result of unknowing exposure to radioactive radon gas in my home. I live in a state where radon level testing is not required prior to a home sale, sadly. I fear federal consumer and environmental protections will become a thing of the past now, and that many people may soon face the destruction of their health from this hidden but preventable threat, as well as other environmental hazards. I so wish I could attend the nearest the Women’s March, but I simply don’t have the stamina. So I salute our sisters marching for equality, safety, health, and justice for all Americans! And I salute the men and children who march with them and share their convictions! Huzzah!!
Faerie Mermaid Galene and Salty Stu the Pirate present programs designed to connect children to nature around them. We provide entertainment that also educates, fostering an emotional bond between kids and the habitats and animals of our Earth. People protect what they care about. Galene and Stu use original music, story, art, and imagination to instill emotional investment in the beauty and fragility of our natural world. We also work to teach empathy to children. We hope, with every Galene & Stu program kids see, they fall in love over and over again with the natural world and the beautiful diversity of humanity!

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