Mx. Armstrong

I am joining disability march for myself, my community, and all my friends who passed away before their voices were heard. The disabled community is often an afterthought, even within activist and feminist spaces. This makes advocating for better resources hard. The Trump administration has made it clear that they believe those with preexisting conditions are not worth protecting. My life and so many others are at risk. I fear when Trump says people won’t be dying in the street of his America, he simply is refusing to view me as human. I will spend every last spoon shouting that we are so much more than an inconvenience.

Bio: I am a disabled transgender student who is currently on medical leave from college. Much of my childhood was spent battling ableism aimed at mental illnesses and struggling with my gender identity. I had wished to have a career as a counselor for the LGBTQIA community. The first severe flare of my autoimmune condition broadened my experience with ableism, as well my career goals. I hope my campaign for better disability services at SUNY Oswego is just the beginning of the advocacy work ahead of me. 

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