Woman with brown hair and glasses, leaning in front of a tree (my Transplant Tree!) on a sunny day.

I’m joining the march because I was able to grow up and be a productive member of society because I had access to healthcare and insurance.  Without it, I would have been dead at 11.  I was on dialysis at 11, and had my first kidney transplant at 12.  I was blessed and lucky enough to get my second transplant in college while I still had my father’s insurance.  Three weeks later, and I would have been out of luck.

I’ve had that second transplant for almost 25 years – my anniversary is in April – and while I’m relatively healthy, the meds take their toll.  It’s still hard for me to walk long distances or stand for very long, even after two new hips.  There are a variety of other issues that require management, but I consider myself to be pretty lucky overall.

I march because healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.  I march because people should not be bankrupted because of illness or injury.  I march because people should be able to change a job, move to a new city, follow their passions, and not worry about how they will pay for their medical needs.   This President and the desire to repeal the ACA puts this in real jeopardy.  My fear is that services and benefits will disappear as quickly as the disability issues webpage on (Deleted as soon as he was done with his speech.)  I’m angry that anyone who is a minority has been so marginalized and mocked by this administration, in place for all of 5 hours.

Robyn’s Bio: I’m blessed with a great family and wonderful, loving friends.  I work for the 1199SEIU Training Fund, helping unionized healthcare workers use their contracted benefit for tuition reimbursement in health care careers.  It’s my great joy to perform with ComedySportz Buffalo, one of 25 cities worldwide where improvisational comedy is played as a sport.  ComedySportz is improv comedy for EVERYONE!  Check us out at!

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