A middle-aged woman with light skin and short, curling black hair in a purple and blue tie-dye hoodie sits on a dark brown couch. A painting peeks over one shoulder.

I am marching to represent the interests of my class, for and with my Disabled peers, and in solidarity with all human beings who care about Justice, Peace, Love, Equity, Parity and true Security.

I’m marching because The D-Word is never brought up or even mentioned in electoral politics or really anywhere unless we Disabled bring it up and even then, its resented and seen as expensive and as a mandated service. Fuck that noise! We want non-token seats at the table and we want them now!

I am a multiply Disabled person, all of which are Invisible flavored. I carry with me multiple complex chronic conditions. I’m leading a rich, if small life; currently I am an Autistic self-advocate and I am advocating for others and helping others to learn to self-advocate. I’m getting a specialized MPA (in disability and public policy) and when i’m through closing the gaps in my: work and lived education I will be a force to be reckoned with and a massive change agent for the betterment of my Group(s).

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