MJ Mulholland

Head shot: short brown hair, black jersey with white embroidery open at the neck, hoop earrings. 
Women want their voices to be heard. They want to be listened to, understood, accommodated and respected. The struggle for equal rights has been going on my entire life and now many of the advances made since the 70s are being pushed back and taken away by men who don’t want to share wealth or power. In Hillary’s words, “Women’s rights are human rights,” not only in the US but around the world.
Feminism is women’s  advocacy for equal rights under the law for both sexes. What is so outrageous about that? Why would men want to hold women back from sharing the wealth and excitement of being a free agent and a decision-maker in the world at large?
I wish I could be marching with my sisters today but physical disability stops me. I am with them in spirit today and every day.
Bio: writer, photographer, educator; love yoga, writing, and painting; happily retired from teaching English; concerned about the state of our union. http://geriatrix-jane.blogspot.com/

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