Susan Odgers

Bio: I have been a T-10 paraplegic, manual wheelchair user, for the past 40 years. My sudden spinal stroke occurred when I was 18 yrs. old. I’m a professor, psychologist, columnist and extremely involved community activist. My husband of 35 years, Tom and I, reside in Traverse City, MI with our black Lab, Olive Marie.
My column “Adapted in TC” appears in the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Why I’m joining the disability March: All too often our able-bodied sisters in the movement, knowingly and innocently, discriminate against us with their ableism.
This site is an opportunity to participate; it works for many of us. Ideally, full access to easily attend marches should exist. Our allies must work to equalize power.
Many of us have been active in various movements for a long time. The political world of 2017 is not completely new to us.
We have great experience and wisdom to share. Truly, “nothing about us without us”.
I March for myself, my peers, my elders and my young sisters with disabilities coming up.
We have voices that will be heard.

Column press photo. White woman, headshot, auburn long hair wearing pearl necklace.

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