Sarah H

Due to my chronic illness, I’m generally not able to join physical marches. However, as a queer woman with disabilities (and as a person with the capacity for empathy), I am horrified by the direction my country is taking and want to protest the changes. I want the people who are terrified right now to know that they are not alone, and I want people in other countries to know that the voice of hatred is not the voice of America. I want my well-meaning friends to remember PWD when they think of those who will be injured by new policies, and I want to help our movement be louder than it’s ever been. I am joining the disability march to register my fear and outrage, but also my hope that we can band together to support each other in these trying times.
Bio: 26-yr-old woman studying religion, folklore, and the stories we all share. @iletaitunefois on twitter.

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