Tema Krempley



I want to join because I believe in equal protection under the law and the right to live your life free of fear. My community, family, co-workers and students are terrified that they will suffer from discrimination, loss of rights, and loss of protection.  I have never felt more grief after an election, nor have I had to comfort so many people in less than 24 hours. As a woman, I am afraid I will lose the right to choose and that if I am raped, I will be blamed and my rapist go unpunished.  As a Jew, I fear anti-Semitism.  I am tired of being afraid.  Silence is acquiescence. And I refuse to tolerate this nonsense any longer.
I am a 28-year-old Autistic woman.  After many years of dealing with struggles related to my diagnosis, I have finally reached a state of independence. I have a B.A in Religion from Ohio Wesleyan University. I also live on my own and work as an aide at Haugland Learning Center (http://www.hauglandlearningcenter.com/), a charter school for children on the autistic spectrum. While my life is still a struggle, I have finally discovered my sense of self and now allow myself to BE autistic.

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