Young person with short red hair embracing a large dog,

I am a disabled queer cis woman, I follow no faith and I am a white West Indian by birth. Culturally I am drenched in Yoruba belief and I eat my vegetables ridiculously spicy. My family is made up of the one I built from my queer community, a queer cis Muslim woman of color who is a single mother of a sweet baby with autism, a strong Pagan American Indian woman who is a doula and a death midwife, my one biological sister who is a leader in love politics and consent culture, a cis white man who fights the stigmas of addiction politics. We all look to lose so much from a Trump presidency. I join this march because I will not sit aside and watch all the things that I fight for, the things that my family has fought for be swept aside by a power hungry toddler who does not respect the ideals and lives of other people. I will fight in any and all ways that I can. I will continue to fight.

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