Another Group of Five Marchers

Elizabeth Priddy
Why I Am Joining The March : I have neuromyopathy, a rare complication of diabetes. I cannot walk unassisted. I am an artist and I am still here.


Merlyn Potters
Why I Am Joining The March : I have ovarian cancer, diagnosed more than two years ago and recurring. Research for treatment and early detection for this “silent killer”
is imperative and funding from all sources, crucial. Unfortunately, future government commitment to this and other cancers is imperiled. So women may one day be unthreatened by this silent killer, I must march with other women and men of focused advocacy. For me, this is another reason to be.

Jen Taylor
Why I Am Joining The March : My PTSD won’t allow me to attend the march. I am a survivor of physical and sexual childhood abuse. Having a sexual predator in the whitehouse is like my nightmares are coming true all over again. Attackers are being rewarded and encouraged by the one about to take office. It’s sick. Not to mention what little benefits I need to survive are being threatened, my rights over my body are being threatened, and I’m in danger due to my sexual orientation. #Notmypresident.

Traci T
Why I Am Joining The March : I join my American sisters in protesting against such blatant displays as we have been witnessing by Trump and his chosen administration of racism, xenophobia, elitism, sexism, and misogyny. And because as Americans we have “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, and the deprivation of access to adequate and affordable healthcare and medicine is the equivalent of having those rights robbed of us. And because we need Planned Parenthood, Public Education, Climate Science, common sense gun reform, equal pay for equal work, regulation to prevent pollution and corruption, equal rights for all, disability awareness, and a government “OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.” ALL people, NOT just the 2%!


Hannah Storch
Why I Am Joining The March : My generation worked too hard for women’s rights to allow any loss of those rights, especially for my daughters!

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