K Rich

A dark-haired woman wearing a silver dress stands next to another woman wearing a white dress
Why I want to “march.”–  As a nation need to continue funding medical and stem cell research. The ACA has been very important for those with my disability- hypertrophic cardiomyopaty. Luckily I have insurance but will count on medicare at some point. I worry about my pre-existing condition! In addition, I spent my career as a special education teacher and an advocate for those with special needs. I will continue to do so. We need a funded strong department of education that upholds the law- PL 94-142 for our citizens with disabilities.
I am first and foremost a mom. I have also been a special education teacher and have seen first hand the difficulties families face. I want my daughter, her children, the families of my students to have access to education, health, the arts and equality.

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