Athena Hitchin

Athena has long brown hair and stands outside in front of a snowy tree. 

I’m joining the march to stand up for my fellow disabled and LGBTQ siblings who are at risk of losing our rights as human being and people of this nation under the current administration, which has already even before even entering office attack our basic rights and who we are. I am join in support of for my sibling who are of minority racial and ethnic backgrounds which have been threatened and attacked by the current administration, as well as for those queer people of color who are at risk even more because being just themselves by those in power. I’m joining this march also because of being in a rural county and not having access due to this and my disabilities to be able too march at a one of these events in person as if this was possible, I would. The current administration is not who I voted for and does not represent me or the majority of Americans. Donald Trump is and never will be my President, and I stand as a disabled transgender queer woman, against his administration and what they stand for.

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