Nicole Fraser Nichols

Nicole has long brown hair over one shoulder and wears dark lipstick and a blue tank top. A green star tattoo is visible on her shoulder. 

My current diagnosis of pudendal nerve entrapment and neuralgia causes me severe pelvic and back pain 100% of the time 100% of every day. Without pain narcotic pain medication to take the edge off and get through my very invasive and difficult therapies I’d be completely crippled and bed ridden. With my narcotics I can suffer through the pain and maintain some semblance of hope that my therapies will begin to work. I’m waiting on disability also, it seems like in every turn in my life I’m having to prove my pain is real bordering being treated like a criminal, that’s why I am marching today…For dignity, for hope, for the future of all men, women and children with chronic pain/illness. Some days are good but are so few I can count them on ONE HAND EVRRY 6 MONTHS.

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