The photo is of a woman sitting in a power assist manual wheelchair. She is on a stage with a mic in front of her just having finished telling a personal story for a colleges “Moth” story telling series.
My name is Elizabeth from Vermont.
At this time in 2009 I was spending a week in Washington DC. Going to the “pre-show” event at the Lincoln Memorial. Crashing in a one bedroom with 5 other bloggers from across the country with whom I had been working so closely for over a year. Celebrating. Freezing my ass off at the Inauguration (for which our efforts got us awesome close to the front crowd tickets). Crying with joy. Going to different Balls (squeezed in 4 I think). Not sleeping. Volunteering for an amazing project with the homeless on MLK day. And so much more… Holding those memories close and being moved once more to dive deeply into activism today and throughout the next 4 years.
I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, warrior, wheelchair user, disability activist, birth advocate, doula, and a strong fighter for and a deep lover of people of all different identities. I will be an ally not a bystander… Let us all hold each other close no matter what.

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