In the photo is a white woman with a light blue jacket and curly brown hair leafless tree branches in the background
I’m joining because I want to fight for justice and peace. If we can act together fiercely in love and in humble respect then we will be doing the right thing. I’m a survivor of abuse and violence and I have worked in the battered women’s movement. My PTSD is bad right now. Being in a crowd is beyond terrifying for me so I can’t go to a march or to most meetings. But as a survivor I know that love is a lifesaver. We need to share it. We need to let ourselves be changed by love so we can be of real and practical service. Let’s watch each other’s backs in whatever way we can. Fight the good fight sisters!
Elizabeth lives in rural Minnesota about 45 minutes south of Minneapolis where she raises organic-fed, humanely-raised chickens for meat and eggs as well as hogs. Her farm website is www.auntieanniesfields.com

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