Group of 10 marchers

Jason Hartrich: I’m a four-time cancer survivor and I’m standing on the sidelines due to my health. However, I stand with the masses that everyone needs a voice against the hatred, the discrimination and we need more LOVE for ALL.

Christina T: Why I’m joining: This political season has been truly terrifying, and I am afraid both for myself and for others in the coming four years. As a woman with an invisible physical disability, I’m afraid for what might affect me directly. As someone who wants to do scientific research, I’m afraid for what funding might be available to continue critical work. Watching what continues to happen, I’m afraid for social progress and equality on all fronts. I don’t think this administration is listening to me or to other marginalized people in the US, and I need them to start listening.

Irene Knight: Dear Disability March, Thank you for giving us a voice as this is very much a global matter.I am a nonbinary, bi parent from Scotland with diagnosed Fibromyalgia, ehlers-danlos, auto-immune and various other invisible illnesses.I had plans of attending a march in Glasgow today, but I am not well enough.Thank you again! Regards

Rev. Freddye James

Ilanna Sharon Mandel: I am a Canadian who strongly believes in democracy, freedom, progressivism, diversity, and equality for all. I am appalled at the possible ramifications of a Trump presidency, and am therefore raising my voice as loud as I can in this way, as my physical limitations prevent me from marching.

Charlene Holkenbrink: I suffer from anxiety and a few other physical ailments, but my voice needs to be heard! I am marching in solidarity!

Jen Bolek: I cannot physically march because of serious foot problems due to diabetes but am there in spirit with the rest of my strong women fighters!!

Jessica Balogh: I’m a disabled 37 year old woman and I’m struggling to stay afloat while paying for therapy/meds/etc. I want a decent life; I can’t imagine things improving for me under this presidency and I’m scared. I’ve already spent the past 17 years trying to keep my illnesses under control, but I cannot do this without extra help from medicaid.

Sara S. Torrey: Thank you for this!! Still not sure about marching anywhere on Sat. because of lousy, arthritic knees and lower back. Have been feeling a real need to be a part of marches on Sat., so this site is making me feel included and that my protest is registering. Thank you again.

Joseph Preti: I am a type 1 diabetic and paraplegic. I am honored that you have offered me the opportunity and means to be part of the Women’s March on Washington. I join in your protest against Donald Trump and all he stands for. I’m joining The March because I am very sad and also find myself having feelings of great fear. I have family and friends who voted for Trump, people I love and would give my life. This only confuses me more. If someone were to tell me that this incredible country could elect someone so completely unsuited and unqualified as Trump I would not have believed it. Fear will cause people to believe things too good to be true. I stand with you my sisters, the poor, the old, the young, LGBTQ, Muslims, people of color, disabled (such as myself), Latinas’ and all others who will suffer. I love my country but I have never been so disappointed, sad and frightened.

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