Group of 10 marchers

Beckie: I want an inclusive society that allows me to make decisions about my own body without government dictating what I do with my body.

Tema Krempley

Marie Truman: I have four grandchildren…two granddaughters of mixed race….I am in fear for them and for their futures. If I could, I would be at a local march….but a bum hip prevents that. Thank you to all of the participants who are physically attending the marches. I feel you are representing me. I’m a child of the sixties, raised in San Francisco….and I feel as if I am in a bubble drifting back in time. It’s not a good feeling! Please keep up the good work!

Polly Reynolds: I am a sixty-four year old woman with MS with a conscience and a voice and i truly believe that YOU DON’T NEED FEET TO STAND UP! I’ll be rolling in Rhode Island.

Paul Bachmann: Because women and their rights are very important.

Annie Hoyt: ‘One Human Family’, motto of Key West says it all. We have to stand stronger for the future.

Debbie Miller: Hard to come up with words…I’m autistic. Need a safe world…doesn’t look like we’re headed that way as a nation.

Denise Patterson: I am joining the March so that everyone knows my community is not invisible. We are viable members of society who demand that we be seen and heard. Women’s Right are our Rights as our Rights are theirs.

Mrs. Jean Flynn: I march against a President Elect and his Congressional allies poised to take away my heathcare…My life. I march against hate, bullying, ableism,racism,sexism (including any level of unwelcome sexual advance),homophobia,religious discrimination against all faiths, I march against incompetent foreign policy. Mrs: Jean Flynn’s website:

Marie Rose: To promote more humanitarian treatment for the people living in the US. To refute the control of people and businesses which are in the highest income brackets from controlling the policies of the nation.

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