Group of 10 Marchers


Pietra: I’m marching for myself and my family. People with disabling chronic illnesses and disabilities are often overlooked, but we are a part of this country. We need guaranteed and affordable access to doctors and medical facilities.
“We, the people..” are some of the most powerful words in America’s history so I’m joining my voice in peaceful demonstration because our country, this great nation, should be reminded that we all deserve equal rights regardless of health, gender, color, creed, sexuality or gender identity. We all love this country. We are all equal. We are all Americans.

Melinda Oslie: To demonstrate my solidarity with all the women and men in the nation who take a stand against the Morally Corrupt, Serial Adulterous, Bully, Liar, Cheater, Ignorant Slime oozing his way into the highest office in the land.

Juliette Morris Williams: I have Multiple Sclerosis, and am unable to walk long distances or stay alert and focused for too long. This enables me to march in solidarity with others, and to feel that I am being involved.I also am artist in residence and curator at a non-profit community gallery which has an activism exhibit going on right now, so that will be open when the march is going on, in solidarity.
Juliette’s website:

Alesia Inkster: I am joining the march because I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and other health issues that prevent me from going to the live march, as well as financial reasons I can’t go. I march because I don’t want my disabled mother and brother, as well as myself, to lose social security or medicare and be left to die on the street. I don’t want friends that were only able to get insurance because of the ACA/Obamacare’s provision on pre-existing conditions to lose their coverage. I am with you because I don’t want our Dept. Of Education to be gutted by a billionaire who wants to privatize our schools and knows nothing about the education system. I am with you because I don’t want a known racist heading up the DOJ, or someone who is known for wanting to destroy the EPA to be put in charge of it, or someone who put thousands out of their homes using predatory tactics to head our dept. in charge of policing the banks, I am with you because I don’t want our Secretary of State to be at the beck and call of Exxon and Russian oligarchs, I am with you because I hate that the president-elect is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than he is to the country that elected him and plans to turn the United States into a fascist dictatorship!

Shari Dawson Shearer: Someone so clearly disrespectful of women’s rights should not hold the office of President. Trump will never be my President. As the new parent of a young daughter I am very concerned over the direction our country is going.

Marjorie Manley: I am 74 and broke my leg a few months ago. I still need a cane to walk so I cannot participate in the march. My children and grandchild will be marching for me. I wish to state categorically that I am marching because I am opposed to everything these hateful people stand for. At the top of my list of deplorables are Donald J. Drumpf, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and most of the cabinet appointees. We must fight these people with everything we have.

Malka: Because there SHOULD be Liberty and Justice For ALL!

Martha Grenon: For the past six months I’ve had serious breathing problems due to pulmonary embolism. The blood clots have gone, but the slightest tasks leave me breathless. My doctors have been unable to find a cause. I signed up for the Austin march, fully intending to go, but will be unable to do so now. I want to protest the inauguration of a man totally unfit to be president. Website:

Nora Willman: I’m not going to just keep quite and looking how our nation is being destroyed by greedy, rascism, and ignorance.

Loren Lee Chiesi: I love being a woman. It’s a wonderful, bright, compassionate, life-giving gender. I detest that societies around the world try to take our strengths and turn them against us as weaknesses. I currently live and work as an English teacher in Morocco, and thought I am not disabled, there are no marches occurring in my area to celebrate womanhood and defend women’s rights. This is my small way of participating, and I want to be as broad and bold as I can in this medium. Women up!



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