Group of 40 marchers

Becky: Why I Am Joining The March : Several medical issues prevent me from joining the marches. And while I’m insulated from the harm that is to come (and will probably even benefit from tax cuts), too many wonderful people are not and will suffer a lot as a result of these policy changes. Denying rights and resources to brilliant and loving people leaves humanity at a disadvantage in the end. Everyone deserves to be safe, healthy, and have equal access to resources. I’ve been blessed in life and I feel everyone else should be as well.


Karen Ball:
Why I Am Joining The March : I have stage 4 Breast Cancer, I along with thousands of other women in the same situation am worried about drastic changes to the ACA and how it will affect our health going forward. Health insurance that covers my cancer treatment ensures I keep living a QUALITY life. I have been so blessed to be doing very well and I’d like to keep SURVIVING cancer. The advances in treatments have helped so many of us live much longer quality lives.

Mary L. Tsitsos: Why I Am Joining The March : Because Donald Trump is NOT my president. I believe the electoral college should be banned forever. I know that it would mean a change to the constitution, but I believe it’s a necessary change. I think Donald Trump is much too dangerous a person to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. I pray he doesn’t fly off the handle and start WWIII.


Dawn Brasier: Comment: My name is Dawn Brasier. I am a disabled woman. I have cerebral palsy and other underlying disabilities that prevents me from participating in the women’s March tomorrow. I believe in your mission statement. I personally believe that president Donald Trump will do more harm than good for our country. He has put down disabled people said really offensive things about different races and also talks to hear himself talk. He is also doing away with Obamacare and that is dangerous because there is not another thing put in its place and it will make it so there are a lot of people in our country who who will not be able to afford health insurance. My sister and her family is one example of many will not have insurance and not be able to afford it. That’s just one example of many.


Marilyn: Comment: I can’t go to the march. I had a bad fall both on Christmas eve and 2 nights ago. My ribs are still broken and my feet and thighs still hurt. I do get surgery on Feb 8 for my end stage toe arthritis. I’m supposed to be able to walk after I heal from this surgery. Right now I can only walk a few feet at a time.
I also have chronic conditions which will need life long monitoring. My Republican congressman is not sympathetic. I just received his response today and I know that he is not telling the truth in his response. ACA and expanded Medicaid have literally helped save my life. “Better Way’ by Paul Ryan will cost $75,000 in premiums/year and that doesn’t include deductibles, copays and out-of-pockets. A little tough for us on an income of $25,000.
We will continue to fight on for our rights that some rich millionaires and billionaires are trying to steal from us as we struggle to meet our expenses!
Let’s fight sisters. We cannot leave out those of us with chronic conditions. I joined my county Democratic Committee. If there is one accomplishment that Trump did, he caused hundreds of thousands of people to become active against him.
These marches will be done with love. My spirit of love is with you. Have a successful march and all of the sister marches, best of luck to you too!


Julie: Why I Am Joining The March : I’m marching for our country, constitution, freedom & our lives. We must not go backward. We must protect & respect all of our citizens. We must fight hate, intolerance, deceit, inequality & abuse of power. We must be seen & heard. We must rise up.


P.S.: Why I Am Joining The March : I won’t be able to make it to any of the in-person marches but still want to be involved.


Tammy Mantlo: Why I Am Joining The March : I have a rare syndrome that limits my walking and a congenital heart defect which tires me out.. I believe in advocating for health issues and I do not agree with this President Trump. I also believe any woman should have a right to choose…


Margot Schinder-Ehrens

Why I Am Joining The March : I’m continuing the fight for women’s rights that both my grandmothers worked for… Even my great grandmother on my father’s side. I’m appalled at the fact that President Trump has been forced on this country and that votes were simply discounted. We deserve the right to have our first woman President now and it’s been ripped from us. That’s just not okay!


Terry Blair:
Why I Am Joining The March : Even though I can’t march this gives me the opportunity to join all the women in the world who are fighting for women’s rights.


Breeann Campbell:
Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the march because as a woman and as someone with Cerebral Palsy, I feel a strong need to fight back against the hate and inequality that someone like Trump represents. #lovetrumpshate


Lia: Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the March as an advocate for my son. He is 6 years old and severely Autistic. I want to encourage President Trump to learn more and advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Nicola Wilbar:
Why I Am Joining The March : I cannot abide intolerance, cruelty, or hatred for any living being. I march for my young son who deserves a better world than the one Trump envisions. I’ll be “standing on the side of love” with my Unitarian Universalist family.


Sandy: Why I Am Joining The March : I cannot walk very far due to arthritis in my feet. I also have MS and poor balance and become fatigued easily. I cannot march myself, but look to my sisters who carry the torch. Thank you and bless you all!


Lucas Hill: Why I Am Joining The March : I am a working disabled man. I will be working during the march in my town. I’m also awakening to the patriarchy, with its attendant inequality. I want the world to know that Donald Trump does not represent the values of most American men! He is a despicable bigot, misogynist and racist!


Andi: Why I Am Joining The March : I was recently diagnosed with a mobility impairing chronic illness. I’m concerned that the changes to ACA will affect my health coverage and the health coverage of millions. Trump’s mockery of disability indicates he has little our no sympathy for our plight.


Janine: Why I Am Joining The March : I have fought for women’s rights all my life. Now fighting for my granddaughters


Annette Lloyd: Why I Am Joining The March : I am a woman. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am an older woman. I am a disabled woman. I believe in fairness and equality. I believe that the female human is = to the male human. For all the woman who have marched before me. For all the woman who will follow me.


Leslie Thompson: Comment: I am unable to attend due to a spinal cord injury and RA. I would like to voice my deep concern for women and disability issues, environmental issues ( too many issues to list here) with Trump as president. He is NOT MY President!!

Ella Cassan: Why I Am Joining The March : I cannot justify supporting a man who promotes so much hate and bigotry. We cannot normalize these levels of prejudice. It’s 2017, people.


Angelia Blackson:
Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the march be cause i don’t want another facist in there.


Lanette Lopez:
Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the March for my children, for my fellow disabled citizens, for all women and people of color and ethnic backgrounds. I cannot stand silently by while the Trump administration sends a message of misogyny, intolerance, division and hate while cutting away social resources so many desperately need. My disability would prevent me from joining the march physically so I have a heart felt gratitude to all those who are marching for all those who can’t. March in peace. March with pride. March strong. And let our voices be heard!


Jennifer Valdez: Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining the march for my daughter, her rights as a female to be looked at as an equal to boys. I’m joining because I believe every woman that gets pregnant has the right to say weather or not she wants to carry that baby. I’m joining for my friends and family members that are in the LGBTQ community. When your rights and the rights of the people you love are threatened it’s hard to just have to sit and watch it happen. For siblings, friends and coworkers now feeling unsafe, unheard and less than. It’s about religious individuals determining the law for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Which should never be the case. Your faith should NEVER be imposed on my life to make laws for me or my family. It’s about little girls seeing how he treats women as acceptable and little boys using that example to get away with treating our daughters however they feel they want to, simply because, they can. Which I can honestly say is fact because 2 men have already used that as an excuse against their behavior towards me. I’m joining the march for the progress that has been made in jobs, equality, protecting the environment, and healthcare being lost. Because I’m terrified for the loss of safety, equal rights, woman’s rights and environmental protection. Change doesn’t happen over night, it’s not easy and it’s hard to be heard, but change will happen from going out, speaking up and standing up for what is right. Woman’s right to vote and the civil rights movement taught us that a long time ago. We are the resistance. We stand for ALL to have rights and the accessibility to healthcare and to be able to leave our kids with a planet that isn’t distroyed by the greedy, money hungry and umcompassionate 1%.


Shannon Aber: Why I Am Joining The March : As a young woman who is bisexual and has multiple chronic illnesses such as ehlers danlos syndrome, dysautonomia and others leading to joint issues, fatigue, GI issues and many others.


Anna Gervais: Why I Am Joining The March : While I cannot physically join in the march, I still want to join in with the thousands of women who will be matching in D.C. and across the country. I want to do it for my daughters, my granddaughters, my son-in-law who is a Black American, and for my disabled friends and non-disabled ones. I do not like what the new administration stands for, and I am concerned about the future of this country.


Soulivas: Why I Am Joining The March : I want to show solidarity with the people in the United States who are frustrated and frightened, and I am unable to physically march.


Ann Lewis Gilbert: Why I Am Joining The March : I believe that Mr. Trump does not have the best interest of the American people in mind. I think that he generates hate and distrust and uncertainty in a country where the disaffected have no voice and will not have one with him in the White House.


Melissa Ross:
Why I Am Joining The March : In honor of my daughter and our right to survive. In honor of all our civil rights. In hopes of a more compassionate world some day. Thank you for making this event more accessible.


Donna S. Weimer:
Why I Am Joining The March : I believe we need to build bridges not walls. I believe we need to remind the world and each other that he is a minority president and # not my president


Deborah Bradley: Why I Am Joining The March : Because our nation is at risk Trump to a serious threat especially with his Putin embrace. He is not a ligitmate president. The election was not fair with foreign interference. We must stand up for what our nation stands for, equality for all.


Vickie Becker: Why I Am Joining The March : My adult life has been dedicated to Justice, Goodness and Redemption for all people and it is critical that I use my voice in order to fulfill this personal mandate. Some seven months ago I became unable to sit or stand so being able to “be counted” with the thousands of women and men who will participate in January 21 Women’s March is a Gift to me.

Thank you so much for allowing my voice to be heard!


Sharon Lord:
Why I Am Joining The March : Because I believe passionately that women are fully human beings, that people of different skin colors, religions, heritage, abilities and education from myself are full human beings. I do not see us being treated us such under the current laws and customs, and I am sincerely scared that this lack of equal treatment will get worse under the incoming administration. I am marching to support efforts for the full inclusion and equal treatment of all people under both the laws and customs of our society.


Julie Wesolowski: Why I Am Joining The March : I have been challenged by Rheumatoid Arthritis for nearly 40 years. I was 19 when I was diagnosed. Recently I was knocked down by a big St. Bernard dog and broke my hip. If not for the recent injury, I would be going to the March in Boston. So many of us have disabilities and we struggle silently through life, uncomplaining and accepting the challenge. Donald Trump, through his words and actions makes plain how he feels about the disabled. He is a misogynist, against LGBT rights, against Planned Parenthood. He shoots from the hip and makes his own rules. I March along with my fellow physically challenged sisters and brothers to let him, his cabinet, the Congress and all Americans know that we see how he regards us and we will not be disrespected by him or his followers.


Margaret: Why I Am Joining The March : Equal rights. Women’s rights are human’s rights.


Laura Nardoni:
Why I Am Joining The March : I am disabled and will be home and with you in spirit and solidarity! I also belong to the group “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”
Thank you for this online march!


Ramona Culp: Why I Am Joining The March : Although I cannot march I want to support those who are marching.


Lisa A. Hampton RN: Why I Am Joining The March : To support everyone that are purposely being excluded & or attacked by this administration. Being a female disabled veterian with family & friends in the LGTB community I am appalled at what is being said. I pray we can all coexist.
I wish I could be out with everyone here in Eugene, Oregon. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone marching wherever they may be! Stay positive & stay safe! Take care!


Diana Culver: Why I Am Joining The March : I wish to heal divisiveness ! I wish peace and prosperity for the American people in spite of adversity!


Raveen: Why I Am Joining The March : Everyone deserves a right to stand against unfair issues and a voice to speak up with. Rejoice and stand strong. Proud to be a young woman, every day I wake up. Bless upp.


Sandra Carter: Why I Am Joining The March : I’m disabled but detest trump and cronies!


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