Kaci L Koltz


I believe in equal rights and respect for all people, and if my POTS allowed me to join the march I’d take my children and be right there in the thick of it. I’m hoping that this horrific administration finally brings everyone together in unity and we start electing leaders who will actually work for the good of all instead of the greed of the few.

Kaci, smiling at the camera. She has dark rimmed glasses, medium length blond hair, and wears a black knit top.

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  1. Rachel Bob says:

    I’m sorry you were unable to go and it’s sad that your children also couldn’t go. I couldn’t go either because of my disease, Interstitial Cystitis…a painful bladder disease. But watched it live and felt I was there in spirit along with everyone. It was beautiful to watch. I hope this can bring us all together as well.


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