Virginia Luella


I am a queer, disabled woman who has been the victim of sexual violence and I can think of few likely candidates who would horrify me as much as the man who is taking over our Executive branch this week. Not only for myself, but for those he will harm even more, I will speak up as often as I can until this travesty is over.

Photo of a bookshelf door set in a wall. The wall, door, and doorway are turquoise and appear to be painted wood panels. The doorway is inset and capped with an arched shelf on which a glazed pot sits. Below, the door, filled with books, is partly open away from the camera, revealing a slice of a warmly lit, bright room.

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  1. Rachel Bob says:

    First of all, that’s a beautiful door! Second of all, I couldn’t agree more. We have actually elected a predator to be president…what is this world coming to? We have to stand strong together ..we will get through this.


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