Kirsten M.Berry

The attached photo shows a morbidly obese woman with dark hair pulled back tightly, wearing rectangular wire-frame glasses with photochromatic lenses and a gray t-shirt with a word-art print of the US flag made from the text of the Declaration of Independence.

As a member of a sexual minority with a history of mental health issues, married to a disabled man, my first and most important priorities are as follows:

  1. Single-payer health care in my home state of California, if not nationwide.
  2. Protections for the LGBTQ community in health care, housing, jobs, parental rights, and education.
  3. Protections for Muslims, Jews, and other religious minorities in freedom of worship and speech, housing, jobs, and education.
  4. Protections for all persons of color, regardless of immigration status, in freedom of speech and assembly, health care, housing, jobs, and education.
If these issues aren’t addressed, I and many people I love and care about – my husband, my family, my friends and colleagues – will be in grave danger.
About Me: Life long SF Bay Area resident, married since 1991 to Douglas, also a Bay Area native. I trend toward the introverted side of ambiversion, and self identify as a recovering depressive (directly analogous, IMO&E, to being a recovering alcoholic). My passions are science fiction conventions and Burning Man, both attending and volunteering; my current Default World boss is someone I work with in the desert. I have too many stuffed animals and not enough bookshelves, too many half-finished craft projects and not enough hours in the day to finish them.

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