A woman with long brown hair with golden tips is lying down on wooden bleachers. She is looking away from the camera but has kind eyes. She has a nose ring and a confident half smile on her face, which hopefully helps her exude that she’s cool as a cucumber.

Hi there! My name is Alyssum. I used to have lots of stomach pains growing up. After seeing many specialists they couldn’t pin down what was causing the pain. They labeled it as IBS. I’m embarrassed sometimes to tell people what I have because it’s an invisible illness and people have thought I was faking the pain. This has made me a stronger person and I’m proud of who I am to this day. I’ve joined many movements, and it’s helped me to better understand people. I still feel pain or nausea or any of the other IBS symptoms on a daily basis, but I keep trekking along. I’m currently in college now. I’m the President of the Feminist Alliance and the Scifi/Fantasy/Gaming clubs. I’m heavily involved on campus with activism and have made many lifelong friends who I know will continue on to greatness. And so will I.


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