Arwyn Y.

I had intended to join the Women’s March on Madison today, but I had a migraine, which I suffer from chronically. I march for women who, despite being the majority in this nation, are underrepresented in our government. I march for all who constantly feel the need to prove themselves as capable as able-bodied, cisgender, white males. I march for those with pre-existing conditions, who now face the very real threat of not having life-saving insurance, and those who have lost access to Planned Parenthood and other women’s/reproductive health centers. I march for the environment, the rights of which are closely linked to women’s and human rights. I march for all who feel threatened by deportation and registration, despite the fact that I will likely not experience these myself. I march for survivors of sexual abuse, who felt ashamed and disgusted when a man who admitted to such behaviors got elected to our highest national office. I march for all who seek equality and justice.

Location: Fall River, WI

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