Chelsy Jacobus

I am joining this march for so many reasons, but mainly because I believe that quality healthcare is a basic human right and not a luxury. I am plagued by the knowledge that under Trump’s presidency I may go back to the days where I could not afford the medication I need to survive. When I turned 21, I was dropped from my insurance because of the previous laws that were being enforced. As a direct result, I could know longer afford my medications or treatments for my multiple chronic and mental illnesses. I became so sick, I was in and out of hospitals for over 2 years and racked up quite a bit of medical debt. It wasn’t until the ACA that I was finally able to return to treatments and get my life back. Now that Trump is in office he would see that I go back to the days of unnecessary suffering for a completely treatable condition just because I have a preexisting condition and am not wealthy enough to afford privatized insurance. My story is not one that is unique, it is a story that is lived by so many other individuals that have a disability.
A Trump presidency is no longer a hypothetical situation that we get to laugh about and pray will never happen, it is a reality we all face. I want march to combat the hate and ignorance that is facing our nation. I know that it’s tough, but I honestly believe that if we band together against the hate we will make it through the next 4 years.
A young woman with shoulder length orange red hair and glasses sits in a chair looking tired. She is wearing a grey sweater and has a visible iv catheter hooked up to her arm, receiving iv drugs needed to survive.

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