Black and white photo of Justyna with long blond hair looking at the camera 

I don’t simply feel a desire to join this important movement of women, I feel compelled. The inauguration and the campaign before it, has promoted such vitriol and hate. Not all of it from the person elected. Some of it comes from the people you’d think know us, and feel our pain better than anyone. Those who witness our lives; the hopes and fears- the struggles. And wouldn’t approve of anyone who is a threat to it. But that hasn’t been the case. There’s a common belief among so many “abled” people that we are powerless as disabled people. That we are to sit and be quiet in the face of disrespect. That it shouldn’t hurt. That we need be grateful we are “tended to” at all.  The person who has now been bestowed the highest honor in the land allows for it not only to continue but to deepen at its core. Disability rights count. They are civil rights. We ALL matter. And we can be an example of how to express our discontent maturely. We may ( mostly) be seated– but we can rise above the hate!

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