My name is Kristine and I live in Seattle. I am joining the disability march because I walk with a cane and cannot physically participate. I can be there in spirit and believe that no one has the right to silence me as a woman of color. I worry about my biracial family who might be targeted because they look different. I worry about my Muslim family members and friends who are afraid to actively practice their religion. I worry about my LGBT family and friends who cannot show affection with their partners in public without fear of homophobic reactions. I did not vote for Donald Trump and I believe his presidency is one that will do untold damage to the America that I love. I would march if I could but I cannot. This is how I show my solidarity and by speaking truth to power every damned chance I get. I won’t be quiet. I will not be silenced. Period.
Bio: Kristine is an intersectional feminist geek, music lover, proud #AAPI, laziest cellist, popcorn fan, dim sum fiend, and married to her best friend Andy. They live happily with their chatty polydactyl cat in a carefully cultivated bamboo forest. You might find her gaming but you’ll definitely find her most places online at: @GermanCityGirl

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