Group of 10 Marchers

Maddy Piper: If we stand by and ignore discriminatory and hate speech against women we collude in demeaning half the human population. Half the world’s population which still struggles to access education and struggles to be free of domestic captivity. We have to go forward and not slip back into the silence if the past. United we stand!

Malkah Duprix: I am a disabled woman in Denver, Colorado. I’m a musician, an artist, and I’ve got autoimmune diseases that prevent me from marching today.

Anonymous: Leaders need to know we are dissatisfied with the current status of our country.  This march is not about Trump Vs Clinton or Republican Vs Democrat.  I march asking for equal rights; inclusion, affordable, good quality healthcare.  I march peaceably to demonstrate my love for others; to share my understanding of the struggles faced by so many, to give support for those who are different than myself.  I march to fight against the bullies and ignorant fools who harm others with their words, actions and inactions.  We are not female/male; rich/poor, Islamic/Christian, disabled/able, of color/nor of color, right/wrong…we are human.

Elizabeth: I march because hate cannot be allowed to win. Donald Trump is a racist, masochistic, man child. I’m truly terrified of what’s going to happen with him in office. The US has had enough hate and pain lately, what we need is a leader who will help us heal, not someone who will tear us down. I march for women, LGBT community, people with disabilities. I march for our civil liberties, for basic human decency.

Diane Ullman:  I am a disabled American, a woman, a citizen. As such, I am concerned about the monsters that have taken over my country.  Limited by chronic back issues, diabetes, and COPD , I am unable to march more than a city block, but my heart and my soul are there. I haven’t much in the physical world to offer, but my intelligence, my wit, my conscience, all lie with you. Count me IN.

Maxine Paschall: I don’t have facebook or twitter but I am with all the marchers and I march on line because of my disability. I add my voice to theirs.

Andrea Voedisch: I would like to virtually join because I am unable to physically be in Boston due to a disabled son.

Roshanna Elwing: My name is Roshanna Elwing and I am unable to attend my local women’s March today due to work. I am a private in home care giver for elderly disabled individuals and don’t have anyone who can cover for me. My clients depend on me and I need to be there for them. I want to show my support for the women of raising country and be part of the virtual Women’s March on Washington.

Pat Arean:  I was planning to march today but messed up my Achilles — doctors’ orders to stay off my foot. I heard about this website, so am marching with my fellow Americans virtually. I am marching because I believe in an America where everyone has access to the best healthcare and education. I am also marching because I believe in protecting our environment, not just here in the States but across the world. I believe in working with other countries for equal rights and opportunities and not just selfishly huddling behind borders. And people of all colors, creeds, and genders should be allowed to be free to choose whom they love, where to worship and finally what they want to do with their bodies.

Kristie Kokal: I would love to join the disability march! I have been with all in spirit and love today. Normally I would be marching in person, but I am only 2 weeks out from a major knee surgery, and it is simply not possible for me to get into the nearest large city and then be in the cold in a wheelchair for hours. I wish to march because I believe in civil rights and fairness and equality for ALL people! I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community, my partner is a person of color, our children will be people of color, I am spiritual but non-religious (and believe in equality for people of all faiths and non-faiths!), I live with struggles from mental illnesses and other pre-existing conditions, I love our earth and the multitude of creatures and environments in it, and I am a multi-time sexual assault survivor. I fight and march for hope for ALL peoples, not simply a select, supposedly “chosen” few.

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