Heather M.

Woman with long curly hair and dark glasses reads book and smiles. 

I march today to defend the dignity and civil rights of all persons no matter their color, religion, country of birth, sexual oreintation, or physical ability. As a woman who has lived all her life with disabling chronic illnesses, I march so that no young person has to grow up like I did believing that in the denial of health insurance for people like me our country equally denied our value as human beings and the value of our contributions. I march as a survivor of breast cancer to demand the research we need to unlock better treatments for illnesses that affect women disproportionately and separately from men. I walk for the reproductive rights of all women. I march as a caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. I walk proudly for every woman who gives up her financial security and health insurance to provide love and physical care for her ill parents, children, spouse or partner. I stand up today for women like my mother who as a result of illness enter their golden years vulnerable to social neglect and physical abuse after serving a lifetime as professionals and loving matriachs. We must do better, so that the minds, spirits, and bodies of all people will be dignified and protected, not mocked or threatened. And we must offer a means to a more secure future for our women caregivers in return for all the love and service they provide across this country. We are not invisible, and we will not be silent. Collectively our voices will soar!

Bio: I am a 44 year old woman who has experienced lifelong chronic and environmental illnesses. I am a five-year breast cancer survivor grateful for all the beautiful and courageous women who supported me in my journey. I am a curator, artist, and craft business owner. I am loving daughter who gives primary care to the wonderful parents who gave me the gift of unconditional acceptance and taught me the strength of diversity in our world.

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