Renee Boyett

I’m a disabled woman. I have epilepsy, PTSD, severe general anxiety disorder, asthma, borderline personality disorder, and food and drug allergies. I can’t work a “real job”; believe me, I tried for many years. Spent many years trying to get disability assistance because trying to work was killing me. Now that I’m covered by Medicare and Medicaid I’m more stable, healthier, and know I can get my medication and medical care I need. If I miss one dose of my seizure medication I’ll die. If I lose Medicare and Medicaid I’ll die. If I lose my disability assistance I’ll die. I’m absolutely dependent on these programs to stay alive. There are many people like me who are completely dependent on these programs in order to remain alive. I want people to know we matter and we want to live.

A young woman with green eyes and long brown hair (pulled back) wearing glasses and a gray shirt smiles slightly at the camera.

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