My name is Janice. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work with a specialty in Health/Mental Health issues.
 I was forced to retire early because of my disability.  As an older woman who worked her career as a Social Worker, I feel it is important for me to advocate not only for myself but for others with disabilities.
   I am fearful for the first time about my future.  I am concerned that our new president has no idea what it is like to try to deal with day to day issues of living with a disability.  Now  I also have to worry about my Medicare benefits as well as my SSDI.  These are not gifts from the government, I paid into the system for over 40 years, this is not a government handout. ADA has made great strides and I would hate to see that all disappear.  So I am virtually marching for the disabled, for women, LGBTQ, for different races, cultures and religions….we are citizens too.

a woman with brown curly hair, sitting in a wheelchair. She is wearing a striped skirt with a white blouse and a blue blazer. Sitting next to her is her service dog, a golden retriever, yellow lab mix.

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