Helena Handbasket

A female-presenting woman with long, dark, straight hair and glasses smokes a clove a cigarette.

I’m a disabled, queer, poor, woman-type person who is a first generation American. My father didn’t speak a word of English when he arrived here but he always instilled in me that America was a land of opportunity, of a better life, and that democracy and government participation was the highest civic duty anyone could do.

The family I have found for myself is made up of all the people this administration hates: queer people, people of color, disabled people, fat people, poor people, drug addicts, survivors, people of all faiths. If it’s not a rich, white, straight, Christian cis male, they are in my found family it seems. I want to show solidarity and protest this new administration, what they stand for and what they seem willing to do. I want to stand up for my rights, the rights of people I love, and the rights of people I don’t know. I want to make my voice heard, even if I don’t have the financial or physical means to stand present.

I’m an academic, an author, an activist, and an angry American.

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