Jenna Graham

Photo of a woman wearing dark clothes and standing in a coffee shop. Another woman stands behind her and gives her “bunny ears.” In her hand, she holds a sign with a picture of a dandelion that says, “Some are weeds. . . others are wishes.” 

I am not disabled….. but, I teach adaptive sports at Achieve Tahoe and I won’t let Trump make me miss a day of that. I will be on the mountain granting access to the magic of skiing to different athletes instead of marching with friends.
I was promoted to captain and have my own crew….I have a partner of 17 years. We have 5 adopted daughters, my brother married his partner of 15 years a few months ago. They are two of the most beautiful men I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have one “daughter” who remains undocumented as she was 18 when my partner and I became legal guardians of her 4 little sisters when their second parent died. I stand for my daughters, my adaptive students, my immigrant fellow citizens and so much more.
I am a woman.
Strong, intelligent, powerful.

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  1. Woman who posted. says:

    Some see weeds. Others see wishes!


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